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Lifestyle at home session | Vancouver

Lifestyle sessions happen at clients' house. They are really pleasant and go smoothly. My goal is to capture your life as it is. No, the house does not have to be sparkling clean or specially prepared for the shoot. Every time I walk in I take a look and pick favorite spots in the house and help clients arrange them so it looks awesome. This gallery was full of photos - over a 100 pictures full of memories in place they call home. Still not sure if this is for you? Just imagine that you can go back to your childhood, to the place you lived in, to your very first room, your parents playing, talking with you or watching favorite show while holding you tight. The table you ate your dinner at. Did you smile thinking about it? All of this can be captured during a lifestyle session so you can show it later to your kids. Let's create that together!

Lifestyle at home session | Vancouver & North Vancouver


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