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Holiday minis vol.1

Time for some holiday minis sneak peeks! I've been either shooting or editing last couple of days... no sorry, weeks :) here comes the first batch of minis. I thought I will just post them all at once but I kind of want to say something about each shoot :) that's my weakness: I talk too much!

the first one I will post is with the three sisters. I love the small one's face expression. She was so proud of holding the sign. I've known her since she was a newborn. She was my first newborn shoot. Time flies!

This family always makes me laugh :) they are such positive people! Thank you for coming back!!

Shooting this session was, as with all toddlers, a gym workout 🙂 She was curious about everything and the moment I showed her how the strobe light fires, she was all over it!

This family had such an amazing session during the summer and when they booked in I was so happy to meet them again, especially since I found out they are expecting! Well, the baby was not exactly in the mood for photos, but we did what we could and here are the shots. I love them all!! Five minutes after they left my studio I got a msg from mom with a photo of the baby sleeping in the car. That's our (parents) life, right?

Another family that came back to me for another session. I really love to see people coming back. This boy was also all over the place. He even bit one of my tomatoes on the tray. I might be the weirdest photographer in the world but I like these sessions the most :)

This girl taught me a lesson. I always want to shoot more and more. Let's try this, let's try that... At some point after many set ups when I wanted to do one last thing, she said to me: thank you, but no thank you.

and last sneak peek for today. What do you do when clients book a holiday session and they also ask if they could snap some shots without a holiday background? I take down my pictures from the wall and offer them plain wall as a background. Crazy, right? But then I get a msg like this: "We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our photos!!! That's exactly what we hoped for and more. We will definitely be calling on you again in the future!" and I know it was worth it

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