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Wedding & reception | West Vancouver photographer

When I met them for the first time I knew the photos are going to be amazing. Why? Because of their love. I know, I know, you have read that in my post many times before, but just look at the photos. Their happiness says it all. As crazy as it sounds I saw Miley Cyrus talking about love. It amazed me what she said. Her words were something like this: love is not about ownership, if you think this way, it means you are confused and really don't understand it. Love is about making people free, giving them wings to fly. Just like this beautiful couple <3

I have never been before at the place we met. At the first glance it was like every other place in West Vancouver: rocks, hills, ocean and some woods, and then I heard that they spent a lot of time there - just hanging out. How amazing is it to get married at a place you were dating your loved one before! Another reason to love Vancouver!

here is their video:

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